Gardening help needed!

September 1  |  Outside!

9994 Zig Zag Road, Montgomery, OH, USA

If you have some free time, our gardens need folks to weed. The soil is wet and perfect to work on weeding. You don’t have to complete a bed, every little bit helps. Please dump your weeds back by the garbage bins.
I’ve created names for the gardens to help you find your favorite spot to weed:

  1. The Shade Garden by the main entrance has some grasses that need to come out.
  2. The Hosta Row Garden by the windows of the Fellowship Hall have little trees coming up and other weeds.
  3. The Skyward Island, in the back, has lots of weeds and needs mulching afterward.
  4. The new Pollinator Gardens in front have a few weeks.
  5. The Inner Courtyard Garden for those of you who like a project that has weeds galore.

Thanks so much,
Peggy B