Christ-Centered, Spiritually Curious, Sent to Serve

Presbyterians have worshipped God and served their community in the northeast corner of Hamilton County for hundreds of years. Beginning in 1795, and organizing formally in 1801 as the Sycamore Creek Congregation, early settlers met in log cabins before moving to a brick building in what is now downtown Montgomery in 1829. This congregation, called Hopewell Presbyterian Church, helped form many of the Presbyterian congregations in the area. In 1867 it changed its name yet again to Montgomery Presbyterian Church, reflecting its important place in the tiny village of Montgomery.

In 1907 a group of members living in the growing community of Blue Ash formed the Blue Ash Presbyterian Church, worshipping first on Highland Avenue in Blue Ash and moving to Cooper Road in the 1980s.

The Montgomery Church moved in the 1960s to a new location on Zig Zag Road, then an empty field.

Both congregations were vital, active parts of their communities and the world around them. The Montgomery Church treasured its connection to the Rev. James Kemper, a prolific church planter in the region. The Blue Ash Church produced (and honored) Dr. Dorothy Ferris, a medical missionary who spent decades working in India, founding a hospital in Firozpur, Punjab. In both congregations, faithful people continued the legacy of the early settlers by Sycamore Creek who worshipped God and kept Christian fellowship.

In 2021, facing challenging circumstances but confident that God was still at work in the area, the Montgomery and Blue Ash congregations began to discuss merging. This process culminated in the 2023 birth of Evergreen Presbyterian Church, meeting in the Zig Zag Road site of the Montgomery church but maintaining the legacies of both predecessor churches. With faith in God and joy in one another we continue the work that began here so long ago.